Realtor, Home selling/buying broker, Land selling/buying broker.

JJ Jasinski – JJ’s Hawaii Real Estate Services

Specializing in View Homes and Acreage on the Big Island of Hawaii…

Are you seeking an ocean-front vacation condo, a country estate with your own waterfall, an investment to off-set your stock market woes, or vacant land to build the castle of your dreams? JJ can take you there!

Acting as your Buyer’s Representative, I can get you more information or a showing to any property you find on the MLS.  As your Listor I can successfully market your home or land on Hawaii…island-wide. Just call me, I’m ready to help and look forward to meeting and working with you. As a life-long resident of Hawaii I have that intuitive knowledge about the islands that you need in a Realtor.  And as a property owner myself, I take focus on the concerns of someone like you who wants to live the idyllic tropical dream in the Aloha Paradise known as the Island of Hawaii.

How long? Over ten years

Contact: 808.985.9030


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