Housing and Structures

Yurts of Hawaii, LLC – Melissa Fletcher

Affordable housing and structures. We help manage all phases of yurt construction including design, drafting, permitting, site prep, construction, plumbing, electric, etc.

Aloha! Over ten years ago I moved to Hawaii to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UH and in that time, I also built my first yurt. It started a passion to share word of these structures with others in need of inspiring space without the high price tag. We have now successfully proven our engineering through multiple rounds of building code changes over the years. We have built over 130 yurts on the Big Island now, most permitted, and ALL withstood the hurricane, earthquakes, and tropical storms that have hit our island in the last decade. We’re happy to be here, doing what we love in a community that we love.

www.yurtsofhawaii.com https://www.facebook.com/YurtsHawaii/

How long? Over ten years

Best way to contact:
Email: yurtshawaii@gmail.com and Text message: (808) 895-8640


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